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What to Expect on a Vantage Small Ship Cruise

You can celebrate the spirit of travel — navigating to new places and experiencing amazing things — aboard a Vantage small ship cruise. But if you've never been on one before, how do you know what to expect? Let us guide you through every step of the way, from what's included on our voyages and our exclusive amenities to how you can customize your journey and what to expect for during onshore excursions. With more than 39 years of cruise experience, we're delighted to welcome you aboard these intimate vessels, including our new Ocean Odyssey, a 5-star state-of-the-art ship that can take you around the world from beginning in 2022.

A Singular Experience

You’ll feel close to the action on an intimate small ship expedition, since our chartered vessels and the new Ocean Explorer allow you to feel like a pioneer of new lands. Each small ship cruise was curated to bring you to less-explored ports, far-flung harbors, and even hidden coves that larger ships are unable to reach.

What can you expect ashore?

Anyone can plan a vacation on their own, but you won’t get the same value or experience than with Vantage. You'll revel in activities such as home-hosted meals with locals while you learn about their day-to-day lives. Or, sip wines you can only find overseas, curated by our international experts. With our exciting themed cruises, you can even personalize your journey based on what you are most passionate about: wine, biking, cuisine, history, folklore, and more!

A sanctuary at sea: What's onboard

Sit back and relax: All aspects of an unforgettable cruise experience are flawlessly executed on our small ships. Aboard the new Ocean Explorer, you’ll indulge in sumptuous amenities, from a luxurious spa to an expansive observation deck and outdoor movie theater. Revel in comfort and style in modern cabins on the Ocean Explorer, and gain intimate access to the Galápagos Islands on the first-class m/v Santa Cruz II. What's more, all our small ships offer you an exclusive lecture series along the way, led by an expert in the topic discussed, from historic phenomena and wine deep-dives to modern metropolitan life and architectural wonders.

Gourmet cuisine

Get to the heart of your destination and discover the passion behind local, fresh culinary delights. Savor epicurean experiences, such as the spirit of farm-to-table dining aboard a working Hurtigruten vessel in Norway or feasting on fresh seafood right from its source in Croatia. On the Ocean Explorer, you’ll taste gourmet fare inspired by your destinations, with drinks included at dinner. And when you’re on shore, celebrate exquisite cuisine with mouthwatering meals at local restaurants and tempting tastings. 

Expert leaders to guide your discoveries

Our trusted Cruise Directors and Adventure Leaders live to travel, so you’ll always be in expert, friendly hands! From the Mediterranean to America's Great Lakes, these professionals will unlock exciting new doors and expose you to the hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path experiences. We personally handpick each travel professional to ensure their passion, knowledge, and commitment will help you fall in love with a destination, too!

Personalized service

Perhaps you have something special to celebrate during your journey — an anniversary, birthday, retirement party, or another important family occasion. With our Concierge service, you can dream up a personalized celebration for your group and leave all the planning to us. Call 1-888-982-6824 for details!

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