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Travel Protection Plan Testimonials

Enhanced 100% Travel Protection Plan

Hear what our travelers say about Vantage Travel Protection
Purchasing the Vantage Travel Protection Plan can seem like just an added expense when you’re reserving your trip. However, as the Vantage travelers discovered, when you have to cancel a trip before you go, fall ill while on tour, or lose valuable property, it’s a lifesaver. And for those on Medicare, which does not extend its coverage overseas, it’s vital.

"Having six relatives in poor health, we always purchase the Travel Protection when we travel with Vantage. We always needed to protect our travel investment in the event we had to cancel or fly home due to a family emergency. In the end, it was me that needed to be rushed to the emergency room on a recent trip in Munich, Germany due to a heart attack and pneumonia. Before paramedics could deliver me to the ER through morning rush hour traffic, Vantage had contacted the travel insurance company, the hospital and obtained a nearby hotel room for my wife.

Eight days later, the hospital released me to fly home but only with a nurse constantly administering oxygen and monitoring of my blood pressure and oxygen level. A nurse was flown from the U.S., monitored me during the flight and delivered me directly to an emergency room near my home. I was hospitalized for an additional three days.

The overall bill including room-and board for my wife approached $40,000. I am so relieved that I had the Travel Protection Plan and will never travel without it."

Leonard W. G.,
Livermore, CA

While in Montevideo, Uruguay, Mike M. fell ill while onboard his cruise ship. After a night in the ship’s medical center, the onboard doctor sent Mike to the local hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery. Only four days into their trip, he and his wife, Gisela, realized they weren’t going to finish it.

A couple of weeks later, the couple was able to return home — after accumulating $54,000 in expenses, including Mike’s treatment and two-week hospital stay, Gisela's hotel stay, and their flights home.

Fortunately, the couple, who are avid travelers, had purchased Vantage’s Travel Protection Plan, which took care of their hefty bill through the travel insurance company. Mike says they have purchased the plan again — for their upcoming Vantage trip to Africa. "Everybody should use it," he says.

Mike and Gisela M.
Tucson, Arizona
South America Explorer

During her trip to China, Ruth B. bought a pearl pendant at a boutique. She remembered having the pendant with her during the remainder of her trip, but when she got home to Michigan, it was gone.

Luckily, Ruth had purchased the Travel Protection Plan with Vantage as a precaution in case she had to cancel her trip for a family emergency. She had an aging mother-in-law and many children and always had them in mind when planning a trip.

"It was to protect me, should something happen to my family," she says. Instead, she ended up taking advantage of the plan to reimburse herself for the lost pendant. She says the process was very easy, and she’s purchased the plan again for her Vantage trip to Egypt.

Ruth B.
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Extraordinary Wonders of China & the Yangtze River

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