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Exploring the Arabian Sea: Dubai to Amman - 2024

Dubai • 13-night small ship cruise with Khasab, Sur, Salalah, Safaga (Luxor), Hurghada, Eilat, Aqaba • Amman
  • Small Ship Ocean Cruise from Dubai to Amman | The Lost City of Petra, carved from Jordan's red sandstone cliffs
  • The Temple of Karnak and its palm trees are illuminated for the night.
  • Sun shines on the cliffs and Temple of Hatshepsut in Luxor, Egypt
  • Palm trees, historic bridge and distant skyscraper seen from a souq in Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi extension carousel
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Before You Go

From money matters to packing tips, we’ve got all the information you need to prepare for your upcoming Vantage journey. Just click on an item below to read more about it.

Passports & Visas

Travel Documentation

A passport is required for this trip. Your passport must be valid for at least six months after the scheduled return date of your vacation. Bring with you a photocopy of the pages of your passport that contain your personal information and extra passport photographs, or take a photo on your phone. These are useful in the event of loss.

Passport and Visa

The following information applies to U.S. citizens only. Those traveling on other than a U.S. passport must contact the embassies or consulates of the countries to be visited for further information and special requirements.

Country Passport Visa
Israel Y N
Jordan Y Y
Oman Y Y
United Arab Emirates Y Y
Egypt Y Y

NOTE: Non-U.S. citizens or passport holders, it is your responsibility to contact their local embassy or Consulate for requirements which will vary from above.

Passport must be valid for at least six months after entry. Visa applicants who do not have the required number of blank "visa" pages will be required to renew their passports regardless of remaining validity. The U.S. Department of State no longer adds visa pages into U.S. passports. 

Oman Visa: Your Oman visa will be secured by the port agent upon entry to each port; you do not need to obtain an Oman visa in advance. A separate visa will be issued at each port at no fee.

United Arab Emirates Visa can be obtained upon arrival at airport at no fee.

A visa to enter Egypt is required. U.S. citizens can obtain a renewable single-entry 30-day tourist visa on arrival at Egyptian airports for a $25 USD fee.

A visa to Jordan is required. (Subject to change at any time). Single-entry visas issued on arrival are valid for 1 month, so guests will not be required to pay any visa fees for the duration of the trip irrespective of how many times they cross the border. Should the above requirements change, you will be notified in a mailing prior to departure. All visa, entry requirements, and fees are subject to change without advance notification by action of the government and port authorities. Vantage is not responsible for any additional charges resulting from such changes.
For up-to-date information, please visit Generations Visa at

Note: Please make sure to submit your completed doc at least 40 days prior your departure, anybody who fail to submit all documents might have trouble of obtaining the visa. 

U.S. Customs Information

If you are traveling internationally, it is important to understand U.S. Customs regulations including required documents that are valid at least six months following your departure date, rules for bringing back items, and duty-free exemption. Please click the link below to visit the U.S. Customs website and read their helpful info, "Know Before You Go."

View "Know Before You Go"
(Link opens new browser window.)


We know that you’ll want to reward great service, so we’ve included the following guidelines for gratuities:

  • Now including gratuities for local guides and drivers
  • Porterage: Gratuities are included, except in Customs areas; porterage is included at hotels
  • Outside Dining: Varies according to local customs; your Expedition Team will advise

Vantage Cruise Director, Concierge, Ship Staff & Crew:

  • A gratuity of $20 per traveler, per day, will be pre-charged to your credit card and can be adjusted at the end of the cruise or modified to cash gratuities
  • Shipboard gratuities are shared among the whole crew, including the Cruise Director and Concierge

Trip extension gratuities:

Tips for City Hosts and/or Program Managers on trip extensions: $5-7 per person per day

Please note: It is strongly recommended that you contact your credit card company and/or your bank to advise them that you will be traveling, and credit card charges will be posted from foreign countries. For onboard expenses, you may see charges from Cyprus, where our credit processing company is based.

Ship to Shore: The Vantage Safe Travel Initiative

We’ve planned our journeys around memorable destinations and experiences with your health, safety, and security always in mind. Following guidance from the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, local foreign governments, and our partners from around the world, we’re taking it to the next level. We've implemented vital health & safety assurances on all our journeys. Learn more about Vantage's Safe Travel Initiative.


Vantage requires that all guests, associates, and crew be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 — including a booster shot — at least 14 days prior to their journey departure date. Travelers will be required to produce their vaccine card displaying their name, dates of doses, and vaccine type to embark. Travelers who cannot product proof of vaccination will have to return home at their own expense.

Specific entry requirements for your chosen destination

To ensure that you have a smooth travel experience, you will need to know the requirements for both your specific airline carrier and the country you’ll arrive in prior to your departure. We’ve listed some considerations below to help you plan.

  • Should you present with any symptoms, come into close contact with a positive case, or request to be tested, the ship's physician will make tests available
  • Upon arrival, travelers will be required to provide their completed wellness declaration form pledging no contact with at-risk persons and no symptoms of illness
  • The use of face masks is no longer mandatory while on board the ship
  • While ashore, you may be required to use a face mask when required by local regulations.
  • We encourage our travelers to complete a self-test before flying to the destination and to wear a mask during travel time (on flights and in airports).
  • We highly recommend that you contact your air carrier prior to departure to confirm what their requirements are for take-off and landing

Please note: Negative COVID-19 tests are no longer required for return travel back into the U.S.

Additional vaccinations are not mandatory at the present time, but we remind you that traveling does require certain precautions. We advise that you check with your personal physician to verify your particular needs. For more information on health related issues while traveling overseas, contact the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) by visiting or calling toll-free 1-800-232-4636.

Climate/Time Zone

Time Differences

Country Time Difference
Israel +7 hours
Jordan +7 hours
Egypt +6 hours
UAE +8 hours
Oman +8 hours
Note: The above times are based on Eastern Standard Time.


Use the chart below to get an overview of the average temperatures at your destination.

Average High/Low Temperature (Fahrenheit)

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Abu Dhabi*    H 75 77 84 91 100 104 108 108 104 97 88 79
L 54 57 63 68 73 77 82 84 79 72 64 59
Khasab H 72 73 79 90 97 99 100 97 97 91 84 75
L 63 64 66 75 81 88 90 90 86 81 73 66
Sur H 77 79 86 95 104 104 100 97 97 95 86 81
L 63 64 68 75 84 86 86 82 81 75 70 64
Salalah H 81 82 86 90 91 90 82 81 84 88 88 84
L 64 66 70 75 79 81 75 73 73 72 68 66
Safaga H 81 81 81 81 81 81 81 81 81 81 81 81
L 57 57 57 57 57 57 57 57 57 57 57 57
Amman H 54 56 63 74 82 88 90 91 87 81 68 58
L 39 40 45 51 59 64 68 68 64 59 49 42
Hurghada H 70 72 77 84 91 95 95 93 91 84 79 72
L 52 54 59 66 72 75 77 77 75 70 61 54
Eilat H 66 70 75 86 93 100 104 104 99 91 79 68
L 48 50 55 63 68 73 79 79 75 66 57 50
Dubai H 73 75 81
90 99 100 104 106 100 95 88 79
L 57 59 63 68 75 79 84 86 81 73 66 61
Dead Sea* H 54 56 63 74 82 88 90 91 87 81 68 58
L 39 40 45 51 59 64 68 68 64 59 49 42

* Post-trip extension only

Money Matters

Country Unit of Currency  
Israel Israeli Shekel Get Exchange Rate
Jordan Jordanian Dinar Get Exchange Rate
Egypt Egyptian Pound Get Exchange Rate
United Arab Emirates Emirati Dirham Get Exchange Rate
Oman Omani Rial Get Exchange Rate

Packing Guidelines

What to Pack

Dress on tour is generally casual and smart casual. Gentlemen may wish to bring a sport jacket. Formal clothing is not necessary, unless you are traveling on an ocean cruise that has formal nights or one of our popular President's trips. Jeans and shorts are not allowed in the dining room at dinner. Your travel wardrobe should be planned according to the climate of the areas you will be visiting and the length of your stay. Average high and low temperatures for the destinations visited listed under "Climate". A HELPFUL HINT — plan to avail yourself of the laundry services available at an additional fee.

Due to the climate, we advise you to pack sunscreen and moisturizer (in the amounts permitted by TSA regulations), and bring a hat and sunglasses as well. These will be difficult to come by in the Middle East. If you’re traveling in summer, be sure to bring very cool (but modest) cotton or linen clothing. If you are traveling in winter, bring a light winter coat.

Dress in Israel and Jordan is mostly casual and but it is conservative: Strict standards of modesty do prevail. Loose-fitting clothing, long skirts, trousers, lightweight pants, and short-sleeved shirts (not sleeveless) are appropriate. Mosques and temples, especially, require you to dress conservatively. Both men and women should cover their shoulders, arms, and legs at religious sites in Oman and United Arab Emirates especially. You should also wear socks (or carry some with you) as you’ll be asked to remove your shoes when you enter holy sites.  Dinner attire can be slightly smarter, but still casual. Women should pack some scarves to wear on occasion — it should be large enough to cover your neck and shoulders.

Bring along a sweater and lightweight jacket for cooler evenings, and be sure to pack a swimsuit so you can take a dip in hotel pools. Comfortable walking shoes are essential as well — sandals may be inappropriate for some activities.

To use electrical gadgets, you will need a step-down voltage converter and adapter plug. The local voltage is 230V. In addition to bringing a voltage converter and adapter plug, don’t forget to bring along charging cables for your electronics. Rooms include 110 - 220 volt outlet & USB ports . Please only use with appliances rated 110 – 230 volt. All US plugs will fit in every outlet in the cabin.

We also recommend carrying prescription medications in their original packaging and to stow them in your carry-on luggage. For glasses and contact lenses, pack an extra pair.

Flight Information

Flight Information

When planning your flights, Vantage considers each airline's reputation for quality, service, and routing options to the destination. Vantage selects flights that both serve our groups' needs and ensure the best balance of quality and cost. Our flight team members will do their utmost to select flights that will get you to your destination as quickly and easily as possible. 

First and Business Class Airfare Upgrades
Many of our programs offer first and/or Business Class upgrades, for more information, please visit our FlightChoice page.

Vantage encourages you to check current airport security regulations well in advance of travel, as rules may have changed since your last trip. For the latest information on airline security guidelines and boarding procedures, please visit the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) web site.

While on Tour

While on Tour

Please note: Ocean cruising is not the same experience as river cruising; as such, you may experience fluctuating tides and weather patterns that may involve some rocking of your vessel. Itineraries will include all activities as planned except in extreme cases that can’t be controlled by your shipboard crew.

The information below applies in general to all Vantage expedition cruises, small ship ocean cruises, river cruises, and land adventures.

Although everything is planned well in advance of your departure, the day-by-day itinerary is subject to change depending on local conditions. If any significant changes occur in advance of your departure, Vantage will notify you by phone or by mail. If changes occur while on your trip, your Vantage Cruise Director or local representative will notify you.

Briefing sessions

At the beginning of your trip, a Vantage Cruise Director will conduct an informative briefing concerning the daily schedule, local customs, included features of your tour, and your ship (if applicable). Briefings will also be held at the beginning of any pre- or post-trip extension and prior to arrival at most ports. To get the most out of your tour, you should plan to attend each briefing.

Extending Your Trip

Vantage offers specially arranged pre- and post-extensions on many of our journeys. See specific trip for details.

Additionally, if you would like to do some exploring on your own, either before or after your cruise, Vantage can help arrange the details. In most cases, your flights can be adjusted for an earlier arrival date or a later return date. A non-refundable administrative fee will be assessed, plus any additional costs that may apply to the air ticket and hotel. Transfers to and from your hotel are not included when traveling independent of a Vantage group. Please ask a Vantage Sales Representative for additional details. Note also that some airline contracts may exclude changes to routing.

NOTE: Should you wish to make any changes to your plans to extend your trip, please do so no later than 60 days prior to your scheduled date of departure. Change and cancellation penalties apply to changes made after airline tickets have been issued.

Your Health & Comfort

Vantage wants you to have a safe, healthy, and happy journey. Our small ship cruisetours are planned to combine just the right amount of activity and leisure.

For personal medical attention while on your small ship cruisetour, your Cruise Director can refer you to reliable physicians in the cities on your tour.

Please note that Medicare and U.S health insurance are generally not accepted in foreign destinations. If you have an insurance claim, it should be made upon your return to the USA and filed through your health insurance provider or through the Vantage Travel Protection Plan if you have purchased it. Keep relevant receipts and doctors' reports for processing your claim.

Jet Lag Precautions

When you cross several time zones to reach your destination, you often lose many hours of regular sleep. Upon arrival your body must quickly adjust to new sleeping and eating patterns. The result is jet lag. Its symptoms may include fatigue, irritability, and vague disorientation. You cannot completely avoid jet lag but you can minimize it. Here's how:

  • Try to sleep on overnight flights
  • Avoid heavy eating and drinking caffeine or alcoholic beverages right before — and during — your flight
  • Drink plenty of water and/or fruit juice while flying
  • Try to stay awake your first day until after dinner

Your Personal Safety

Please keep in mind that in any tourist destination, you need to be aware of your surroundings. We recommend that you use a money protector that can be worn around your neck. Flashy jewelry should be left at home. Never place your camera or purse down, or hang it on the back of your chair. Although incidents of theft and pickpocketing while on tour are rare, it is important to be cautious and aware.

Medical Issues

Click here to read important information about travelers with physical, emotional, or mental conditions that may require professional attention or the use of special equipment. "Medical Issues" information also appears in the "Tour Participation Agreement - Terms and Conditions" bound into Vantage catalogs and printed on the back of your Vantage invoice.


If your Vantage cruisetour includes a stay in a hotel, please note that Vantage makes every effort to reserve only hotels that offer well-appointed rooms and a convenient location. We remind you that quality of accommodations may vary from destination to destination. Vantage strives to provide the best hotels available that meet our standards of quality.

How We Rate Our Hotels

While some tour companies devise their own ratings systems (based on their particular standards), Vantage ranks hotels based on the industry-accepted classifications published by the Hotel & Travel Index - the travel industry standard.

Deluxe/Moderate Deluxe ***** Outstanding accommodations in every way, offering superior service, facilities, and location.

Superior First-Class ****+ Above average accommodations, with many special amenities, including more restaurants, shops, and usually a fitness center.

First-Class/Moderate First-Class **** Comfortable, well-equipped standard rooms with private bath and attractive public areas and amenities.

Please Note: In some areas where the hotels aren't rated, it's often due to the fact that the hotel may be too new, too remote, or too small. However, the hotel where you stay has been inspected and approved by Vantage personnel.

Religious Services

Although we do not offer religious services during our trips, services may be available in the cities and towns you visit during your small ship cruise. Your Vantage Cruise Director can advise you when religious services are available. Please keep in mind that not all religious denominations have a presence in every travel destination. We cannot guarantee the availability of religious services.


In general, always keep receipts and credit card copies. Shipping should always include insurance in the event of breakage. Some credit cards may include insurance protection for purchases, but it is best to check with your card issuer for any insurance that may be included before you go.

Sightseeing & Cultural Connections

Vantage offers a variety of included sightseeing tours and special cultural events to enrich your travel experience and bring you "closer to the world." Our tours are specially designed for Vantage travelers. They let you feel the atmosphere, gain a cultural understanding, and become a part of the area you are visiting. They include all transportation and the services of expert local guides.

Optional Excursions

Vantage makes every effort to provide the right balance of both included activities and time for exploring on your own. We've found, however, that many of our passengers prefer an additional guided activity in lieu of free time. For that reason, some of our journeys may include a limited number of optional tours and activities, which you may choose to take at a moderate fee. In no case do we replace an included sightseeing tour with an optional tour. Optional tours are strictly voluntary, providing you with the opportunity to visit an attraction that you may not see otherwise.


If you have purchased your flights from Vantage, roundtrip transfers between the airport and your hotel or your cruise ship’s pier are included. Vantage pre-arranges transfers either via a private transportation company and/or hotel airport shuttles.

If you have not purchased your airfare from Vantage, you may still purchase round-trip international airport transfers to and from your base tour ship or hotel for $120 per person.

Otherwise, you will be responsible for arranging your own airport transfers. Bear in mind that hotel check-in times vary and, depending upon your flight arrival, your hotel may not be available for early check-in.

Travel Itinerary

Although everything is planned well in advance of your departure, the day-by-day itinerary is subject to change depending on local conditions. If any significant changes occur in advance of your departure, Vantage will notify you by phone or by mail. If changes occur while on your trip, your Vantage Cruise Director or local representative will notify you.

Please note: Ocean-cruising is not the same experience as river cruising; as such, you may experience fluctuating tides and weather patterns that may involve some rocking of your vessel. Itineraries will include all activities as planned except in extreme cases that can’t be controlled by your shipboard crew.

Your Vantage Team

During your small ship cruise, you’ll be accompanied by an experienced English-speaking Vantage Cruise Director. He or she will manage the logistics of your trip, and provide the insider knowledge that can add so much to your experience. In most cases, your Cruise Director will lead your guided sightseeing tours, or be supported by English-speaking local guides.

Vantage Hospitality Desk

For your convenience, a Vantage Hospitality Desk will be available on board ship and at many of the hotels on your itinerary (staffed by an experienced local travel professional or by your Vantage Cruise Director). The desk hours vary, depending on your daily scheduling. Tour members will be advised of the desk hours during daily briefings.

Laundry Services

Laundry and pressing services are available onboard for an additional fee.
View list of services and prices here.

Payment Information

What does my Reservation Deposit Guarantee?
Payment of your initial deposit holds your spot on your journey. However, it does not guarantee the price of your trip. Participation in our Smart Pay Discount Plan can save you up to 10% on your Vantage trip AND it ensures that the land, cruise, and international airfare portions of your trip will not increase. This includes 100% guaranteed protection against most additional taxes (does not include entry fees or arrival taxes), fuel surcharges, and currency fluctuations, from the moment you pay in full under the terms of Vantage's SmartPay Discount Plan. If you do not participate in our SmartPay Discount Plan, all prices are subject to change.
When is my Final Payment due?
Final payments are due 90-120 days prior to departure, depending upon the program.
Can I extend my final payment due date?
Unfortunately, we are unable to extend any final payment due dates because of our vendor contractual obligations.
What is an E-Check?
ECheck is a commonly used term to refer to an online payment method via electronic check from your bank account.
What are the benefits of paying via E-Check?
Paying by E-Check is fast, easy and 100% secure – and there is no fee involved. Plus, paying by E-Check with our SmartPay Discount Program, you can realize hundreds of dollars in savings right away. When you compare those savings to the frequent flyer miles you might earn when you pay by credit card, you come out on top for two reasons: first, you enjoy your savings right away, whereas frequent flyer miles need to be accumulated over time before you cash them in; second, frequent flyer miles have restrictions of usage.
How do I make payments via an E-Check?
It's easy to set up E-Checking on My Account. Have your checkbook handy and simply go to the Make a Payment screen and follow the instructions provided. Please note that E-Check payments appear on your invoice immediately but take 2-3 business days for your bank to process.
What is the SmartPay Discount Plan?
The SmartPay Discount PlanSM allows our travelers to receive a discount by paying for their trip in full before their final payment due date. The further in advance of the final payment date you pay, the greater the discount. Just as important, you’ll guarantee your price against price increases resulting from currency fluctuations, fuel costs, and other unanticipated occurrences.
How can I take advantage of your SmartPay Discount Plan?
You can only take advantage of our SmartPay Discount PlanSM when paying by E-Check. Paying by E-Check is fast, easy and 100% secure – and there is no fee involved. All you need is your checking account number and bank routing number, both of which are printed on your checks. 50% of your trip’s total cost must be paid by check. Payments made inside of 60 days prior to departure will not qualify.
Can I pay by credit card and still take advantage of your SmartPay Discount Plan?
While we do accept credit card payments, you can only take advantage of our SmartPay Discount PlanSM when paying by E-Check, unless part of your payment is made by credit card and at least 50% of your total payment is paid by E-Check.
How do I redeem my Vantage Credit Voucher?
Vantage credit vouchers should be mailed once you receive your first invoice. Any overpayment that results from the credit voucher will be refunded to you, if applicable.
How do I cancel my trip and how long will it take for me to receive a refund?

If you must cancel your trip, you should contact our Customer Concierge Staff department. Refund requests must be made in writing – indicating the reason for cancellation – and received by the respective final payment due date to avoid additional cancellation charges.

Vantage realizes that most people who cancel their reservations do so out of real necessity. Nevertheless, there is a non-refundable administrative fee of $300 per person for each program you cancel. This low fee covers only our costs of reservation maintenance or cancellation.

Payments made to your credit card will be refunded as a credit to that card. Payments made by check will be refunded by check. Payments paid by electronic check will be refunded electronically. Please allow 35 days for refunds to be manually verified and processed by our accounting department. Please refer to the Tour Participation Agreement for your program's cancellation fee schedule.

Why does it take just one day to charge my credit card at the time of booking but 30 days to refund it in the event of cancellation?
After you book a trip with us, we process charges within 24 hours in order to hold and confirm your reservation quickly for you. Because refunds are processed manually by our accounting department, we require a 30-day processing period to assure utmost accuracy.
I was just reviewing my invoice online and noticed a discrepancy. What should I do?
Please contact us and we will attempt to resolve the situation as soon as possible. To help expedite matters, you should print out your invoice and have it handy when you contact us.

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3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Ancient Thebes and its Necropolis, Petra, and the Land of Frankincense Selected Shore Excursions (optional)
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Complimentary Vantage Deluxe Concierge Service on board ship to assist with all your personal requests    
 Vessel Size Our ocean discovery vessel, the m/s Ocean Odyssey has 15 solo cabins (11 for expedition cruises) and 15 triple-occupancy cabins each, with a maximum capacity of under 150 passengers on each sailing.      Our ships are smaller, more intimate, and have an industry-leading number of solo-ready cabins, as well as a fantastic crew-to-passenger ratio. 
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