During our 39 years as a deluxe travel company, we’ve planned our journeys around memorable destinations and experiences with your health, safety, and security always in mind. Now, following guidance from the World Health Organization, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and local governments, we’re taking it to the next level. Working with the European Barge Union and Switzerland-based River Advice, the leading independent global manager of ships on inland waterways, we’re implementing vital health & safety assurances on all of our journeys, so you can keep making extraordinary travel memories with complete peace of mind.

Please note that all guests, Vantage associates (Expedition Team, Cruise Directors, Program Mangers, etc.), and crew are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 14 days prior to departure of their Vantage journey. If you have questions, you may find your answers on our FAQ page.


We’re following stringent guidelines to protect our travelers, associates, and crew across all Vantage journeys. But to do this, we also need your participation before your journey commences. Here’s how:
  • All travelers must be fully vaccinated — including a booster shot — against COVID-19 at least 14 days prior to the departure of their journey. Travelers will be required to produce their vaccine card displaying their name, dates of doses, and vaccine type to embark. Travelers who cannot product proof of vaccination will have to return home at their own expense. Vantage returns this courtesy by ensuring all of our associates are fully vaccinated as well
  • Due to the quickly changing nature of this information, we strongly advise that you check the most recent entry requirements for the countries you’ll be visiting on your journey by visiting
Please note: Based on information travelers provide in their wellness declarations and/or additional evaluation upon arrival, Vantage reserves the right to take any and all appropriate steps to protect the well-being of our travelers and associates, including returning travelers home. Any additional medical costs and or return travel will be at travelers’ expense.

For additional security, we encourage you to sign up for our Travel Protection Plan, which lets you cancel for any reason, anytime.

Ocean cruises aboard Ocean Explorer and Ocean Odyssey:

For the safety of all guests and crew, Vantage will continue with the following COVID-19 testing requirements for all travelers on all Ocean Explorer and Ocean Odyssey journeys:
  • Should you present with any symptoms, come in close contact with a positive case, or request to be tested, the ship's physician will make tests available
  • The use of face masks is no longer mandatory while on board the ship
  • While ashore, you may be required to use a face mask when required by local regulations

European river cruises aboard River Splendor:

  • Negative COVID-19 tests are no longer required for return travel back into the U.S. However, we will continue to make tests available should you present any symptoms, come into close contact with a positive case, or just request to be tested
  • The use of face masks is no longer mandatory while on board the ship
  • While ashore, you may be required to use a face mask when required by local regulations

It is strongly recommended that you check entry requirements for the countries you will visit on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website:

For peace of mind, we still encourage our travelers to complete a self test before flying to the destination and to wear a mask during travel time (on flights and in airports).

To ensure that travelers have a smooth travel experience, know the requirements for both your specific airline carrier and the country you’ll arrive in prior to your departure.

Prior to departure, travelers should adhere to recommended safe practices as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Upon arrival, travelers will be required to complete a wellness declaration pledging no contact with at-risk persons and no symptoms of illness. You can download the form here.



The majority of our adventures feature small groups of no more than 24 travelers. This makes it easier for us to monitor the health of all travelers without compromising the quality of your experience. Here are a few ways we’re making that possible:

Our Associates:

  • Social distancing protocols will be enforced by Vantage associates
  • All Vantage associates are required to be fully vaccinated at least 14 days prior to serving you on your journey. While we can't guarantee that the third party vendors we work with will be vaccinated, we can ensure that we will take appropriate safety measures to keep our travelers safe throughout their journey


  • Seats will be cleaned daily and in-between groups
  • Additional hand sanitizer dispensers will be available
  • All included and optional tours will be conducted in accordance with local government regulations

If you have questions, you may find your answers on our FAQ page. If you have additional questions, please contact us via the chat function on our homepage, email us at, or call us at 1-888-982-6824.

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