Gather 10 full-paying travelers for your trip, and you travel FREE as the 11th!

From providing you with the necessary tools to recruit new travelers to assisting with the planning, our team will ensure you a seamless experience with our Affinity Program. We’ll handle all your traveler needs so you don’t have to. We’ll also keep you informed with updates and reminders as your extraordinary trip approaches.


Think about who you share your time and make memories with. Discover the world with any clubs or organizations you belong to — whether it be your alumni or fraternal organization, local religious or philanthropic institution, or golfing, gardening, book, or crafting clubs — and receive the best in Group benefits, including:

  • 1 FREE trip for every 10 paying travelers you bring
  • NEW: Earn $100 per person for each extra traveler who joins beyond your free trip(s) earned
  • Earn increased FREE trip rewards: Earn the average cost paid by your group for base journey, extension, and economy airfare
  • FREE marketing assistance, including Vantage-hosted private webinars for your group, full-color personalized brochures, and a dedicated Group Marketing Specialist to help you increase your group size and rewards
  • Lock in the best promotional rates for your group, including air offers and other offers
  • Hold space for your group to reserve at no additional charge

Our Team

The experts in our Family & Friends Groups Department are dedicated to making your journey memorable and rewarding. From providing you with the necessary tools to recruit new travelers to assisting with the planning, our team will ensure that you have a smooth experience and that all your traveler needs are addressed. We’ll handle the planning, reservation, and payment details, so you don’t have to. We’ll also keep in touch with reminders and updates about your trip as the big day approaches. Ready to get started? Click our Group Leader Kit link below to find out how to introduce your group to a fabulous travel experience (and earn free travel and cash in the process!)

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Travel Parties

It’s always fun to get friends and family together and talk about travel. What if you could do that and earn cash and free travel? Vantage Travel Parties let you do just that. Gather people at your home, a nearby community center, or coffee shop, and learn about Vantage trips in a low-pressure, high-enthusiasm environment. You’ll get a $200 food and beverage reimbursement for hosting, and your guests will get a $100 travel credit if they reserve at the party. It’s that simple. For more information contact Alessandra Spilotro at 1-866-786-2006, extension 7042.

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Travel Planner

We’re here to help you as you plan your Affinity Travel. Our Travel Planner is a great way to start: Simply select the trip that interests you most, and we’ll generate an e-travel guide specifically tailored for your Group. Get started by clicking the button below.

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Refer a Group

Do you know someone who would be perfect at getting a group together? Simply call us at 1-800-994-6321 with the names of any potential Group Leaders, and we'll reach out to them and help them get started. What's more, after they return from their first Vantage journey, you’ll receive $1,000 in CASH — it's that simple!

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