Sailing Solo to the Seventh Continent

Sailing Solo to the Seventh Continent
Deirdre Dirkman September 11, 2022

Antarctica has always been a land steeped in mystery, curiosity, and the sense of adventure for travelers at the highest level. Known for its breathtaking polar scenery and remote location, it’s long been a place thought to be exclusively accessible by brave explorers and scientists. These days, that isn’t the case, and I got to see for myself on a recent expedition trip to Antarctica with Vantage. Here are some of the highlights of my incredible journey to the rugged, remote land known as the Seventh Continent.

Argentina’s Charming Capital

Before setting sail for Antarctica, I met with other fellow women solo travelers in Buenos Aires to kick off our amazing 20-night expedition. The city had a wonderful mix of both modern and classic European-influenced architecture, making it perfect for taking pictures and sightseeing with my Vantage group. We visited the Plaza de Mayo, the city’s central square that is flanked by the neoclassical Catedral Metropolitana, the church home of Pope Francis. We also visited the iconic Casa Rosada, or “Pink House”, which formally is the presidential mansion and where Evita Peron famously made her speeches. I really enjoyed the tango show we went to in the evening, and the food was spectacular and very flavorful.

Crossing the Drake Passage

After a stop in beautiful Ushuaia, it really felt like Antarctica was getting closer, and with these moments at sea, I truly felt like an explorer of old. On this journey, we got to cross the fabled Drake Passage, which quite literally is a rite of passage for all Antarctic cruises. The views were absolutely breathtaking; and it’s hard to find the words to describe just how awe-inspiring this landscape looks from the ship. The seas can get a little rough here, but it’s worth the experience. With Vantage’s amazing onboard lectures, I was able to learn so much about the Drake Passage and its historical relevancy. This was a real highlight of my trip on every level.

Five Unforgettable Days in Antarctica

When I reached Antarctica, I had the pleasure of witnessing the most unspoiled, sublime terrain on earth, and it was such a magic memory. In the history of humankind, only a small number of people have ever set foot on Antarctica and myself and my fellow passengers got to add ourselves to that list. Since we visited during the austral summer, the most temperate time of year, we were able to enjoy daily landings to venture ashore via versatile Zodiac boats and scenic routes on our ship, where we had the best from the deck.

During landings, we broke into small groups alongside Vantage’s world-class Expedition Team who prepared us for each step along the way. Once on shore, they survey conditions and offer guided hikes, walks, talks, and helpful information about the region and its wildlife. We got to see penguin rookeries, floating icebergs, paradisiacal bays, international research bases, and even an active caldera!

Sailing Solo is the Way to Go!

As many of my readers already know, traveling solo is my preferred way to go on these many journeys, and for good reason. With Vantage, you’re never truly alone when you travel, and there’s always someone new to meet and a something new and exciting to learn. Vantage also offers incredible incentives for travelers like me, such as FREE Single Supplements, mix-and-mingle events onboard, and more solo-friendly cabins than pretty much anyone else at sea. Don’t let these opportunities pass you by. Find out why Antarctica is the ultimate destination for expedition travel, and tell me all about it in the comments here after your trip!

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