Insights from a Vantage Insider: How to Share the World with Our New Referral Program

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Lourdes Galindo January 30, 2022

Travel is great at bringing together people from all walks of life, united in a shared appreciation of the world around them and the many ways to explore it. Recently, we sat down with Vantage’s Vice President of the Contact Center, David Rosen, to hear about his time in the travel industry and his favorite place to travel, and get his thoughts about Vantage’s updated Refer & Earn program, and our new Share the World referral program where guests can earn a free world cruise.

Q: Hi, David. Can you share a bit about yourself and your background in the travel industry?

A:  I started out as a Reservation Agent and spent much of my time in customer facing roles, but I learned a lot by working in support roles such as marketing and finance. My background has covered air, hotel, cruise, travel management, and events, working for companies ranging from small startups to globally-recognized travel companies throughout the world.

Many years later, I am still jazzed being in the travel industry. Thanks to my different roles, I’ve had opportunities to live, work, visit, and experience the cultures of over 60 countries. I currently split my time between Ft. Lauderdale, Aspen, and Boston — where my accent still pops through occasionally.

Q: I guess it’s safe to say you are very well-versed in travel! Of all the places you’ve visited, which were your favorites?

A: I have to give the nod to New Zealand. Specifically the Auckland area, including Waiheke Island. The people I met there are friendly, bright, and blessed, with an easygoing positive outlook. The architecture and customs are reminiscent of being in England, but the South Pacific ocean and sky is quite simply a stunning setting.

Q: What do you enjoy most about being at Vantage?

A: Without question, it’s the Vantage team I collaborate with and the guests we welcome on our journeys. The entire Vantage team is devoted to putting our guests first. Our guests are experienced travelers, many of whom take multiple journeys with us. The high-end exclusive culture that is ingrained in every one of our journeys is unique in the travel industry and makes Vantage a wonderful place to live, work, and serve.

Q: Speaking of experienced guests, Vantage recently updated the Refer & Earn referral program, including a new Share the World program for our 2024 World Cruise. What are your thoughts on these programs?

A: Our travelers are the best advocates in speaking about the joys of travel around the globe and spreading first-hand knowledge about a Vantage journey with like-minded travelers is what keeps the Vantage culture unique and special. Many Vantage travelers have taken advantage of the program and provided as many as 100 referrals!

Q: You’ve encountered many referral programs throughout your career. How do Refer & Earn and Share the World compare with other travel rewards programs?

Vantage’s referral programs are better than any other, based on their simplicity and the power to earn. Vantage Refer & Earn is the easiest to use, as well as the most rewarding travel referral program in the industry. Plus, there are no travel date restrictions as with other programs, so referred travelers can journey with us at any time.

We make it easy for our travelers to make referrals and start earning. Vantage travelers can hand out referral cards, submit referrals online, or contact one of our Referral Specialists. They can earn $250 each time one of their first seven travelers goes on a Vantage journey. With the eighth referral that travels, they can get $10,500 cash or a free trip for a total of $12,250! The best part is that there is no limit to what guests can earn. With our Share the World Refer & Earn opportunity they can earn up to $117,500 or a FREE 2024 world cruise.

Q: That’s incredible! Is the program available on all Vantage journeys?

A: Absolutely! Every Vantage journey — whether guests choose an expedition cruise, small ship ocean cruise, river cruise, or land adventure — is eligible and the rewards are the same.

Thank you, David, for taking the time to speak with me and sharing your experiences and insight.

For additional information about Vantage’s Refer & Earn and Share the World referral programs, visit our website, email, or call 1-888-734-0187

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