Enchanting Egypt: Five Highlights Not to Miss

Nile River Cruising: Five Highlights Not to Miss
Brooke Thio February 27, 2022

Egypt is a testament to what great civilizations can accomplish, with incredible advances in technology, art, and society. Its cultural diversity, historical significance, and archaeological treasures make it a must-see destination of discerning travelers the world over. Of course, the balmy weather is a huge plus too!

If you’re like me and have your eye on Egypt, Vantage offers a variety of itineraries that let you discover its wonders for yourself. Whether you choose a luxury river cruise along the ancient Nile or a 5-star small ship cruise from Dubai to Amman, make sure you catch these top attractions and experiences in Egypt.

1. See the pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx

Known worldwide as a symbol of civilization, Egypt’s iconic Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx are a sight to behold in person. Towering up to 455 feet, these pyramids were built by hand — a feat that seems inconceivable given the technology available thousands of years ago. What makes them even more amazing are the artfully designed chambers and passages within. Today, this UNESCO World Heritage Site continues to captivate engineers and scientists — and perhaps you, too.

2. Explore Ancient Thebes and overnight in Luxor

No visit to Egypt is complete without exploring the Necropolis of Thebes – a UNESCO World Heritage Site that includes the Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple, and Luxor Temple. With Vantage, you can be sure of a comprehensive tour of all three sacred sites for greater insight into the structures, hieroglyphs, and legends they hold. Following a full day of exploration with an expert Egyptologist to guide you, you’ll have a unique opportunity to overnight at a 5-star luxury resort overlooking the legendary Nile River.

3. Sail on a felucca

Go beyond seeing Egypt’s renowned UNESCO sites and experience what it’s like to sail on a felucca, a traditional wooden sailboat. Unlike modern-day motorboats and ferries, a felucca ride offers a moment of tranquility when you can admire the golden Egyptian landscape. Embark on a sailing past Elephantine Island, once a strategic gateway to the Nubian kingdoms past Aswan. Get ready to take plenty of photographs!

4. View King Tut’s gilded treasures

The tomb of King Tutankhamun was uncovered in 1922, revealing more than 5,000 artifacts that were buried with the legendary boy king. Among the treasures found inside the tomb were statues, jewelry, weapons, a chariot, and the solid gold sarcophagus that held his mummified remains. Now — for the first time in history — this complete collection will be on display, and you will have the opportunity to see it for yourself during an included visit to the brand-new Grand Egyptian Museum, set to open in late 2022.

5. Explore Tell el-Amarna, city of the “heretic Pharaoh” Akhenaten

While Egypt’s pyramids and temples take the tourist spotlight, Tell el-Amarna (or simply Amarna) is an archeological site in Egypt that true history buffs mustn’t miss. This abandoned city was built from scratch in just four years by the Pharaoh Akhenaten, best known for establishing the monotheistic religion of Atenism during his reign, and features a distinct layout, construction materials, and art style. A guided visit will reveal the mysteries behind this unique time in Egyptian history.

While this is an additional tour to our Nile River cruises, you can easily add it to your Egyptian holiday with the help of our complimentary Vantage Deluxe Concierge service. Simply log in to MyPortfolio, submit a pre-trip request to Concierge@vantagetravel.com, or call 1-888-982-6824 and you'll have your answer from our Concierge within two business days. 

During your journey, your Vantage Deluxe Concierge can help you plan special celebrations, a day of café-hopping in Cairo, and more. Our local expertise knows no bounds, so start planning your trip today!

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