Setting off Solo in 2022: Top 10 Journeys for Independent Travelers

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Lourdes Galindo September 26, 2021

For many, the thought of traveling solo can be intimidating. It may be the fear of feeling lonely. Or, perhaps, they feel like they’ll have to figure everything out on their own. Maybe it’s the belief that it will be too expensive to travel alone that holds them back. As the leader in solo travel for almost 38 years, Vantage is always focused on making it easy to travel independently and provide elevated experiences along the way.

From flights and hotels to transfers and excursions, we take care of the details so you can sit back and enjoy the adventure. As the Leader in Solo Travel, our new 5-star Ocean Explorer and Ocean Odyssey are outfitted with a landmark 15 solo cabins each, and many with private verandas. Plus, with FREE and Reduced Single Supplements, solo travelers can enjoy savings that are exclusive to them.

Traveling solo can be incredibly rewarding and a chance to truly experience moments that will become cherished memories.

Get to Know Some of Our Solo Travelers’ Favorite Destinations on These Exquisite 2022 Itineraries:

1) North American Waterways: St. Lawrence and the Great Lakes

Step aboard the Ocean Explorer for a scenic cruise through the five Great Lakes. Take a trolley tour through Kingston on Lake Ontario, enjoy a horse-drawn carriage tour of historic Mackinac Island, and explore Niagara Falls on both the Canadian and American sides.

Highlight: Have your camera at the ready as you sail through UNESCO-listed Georgian Bay on your way to Manitoulin Island. Home to the Ojibwe tribe, here you’ll learn about rich local traditions during a traditional smudging ceremony and powwow at the Ojibwe Cultural Foundation.

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2) Passage to the Amazon: Manaus to Nassau

This journey is perfect for the sun-loving solo traveler, with visits to seven Caribbean islands, and up-close exploration of the lush Amazon jungle. In addition to white-sand beaches, crystal-blue waters, and verdant scenery, you’ll have opportunities to visit the Teatro Amazonas, a stunning pastel-pink structure dating back to 1896 and influenced by the architecture of Europe.

Highlight: Take part in a historic tour of the French island of Martinique that includes the childhood home of French empress Josephine — the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte — and commences with a tour of a rum distillery, where you will learn about the production and aging process before enjoying a tasting.

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3) Portugal & Spain: Treasures Along the Golden Douro

This cruise takes you into the heart of the Douro Valley, a renowned centuries-old winemaking region. The pastoral landscapes and latticed vineyards along the river are the perfect backdrop to the colorful mosaic of Porto’s architecture and the cosmopolitan capital of Madrid, Spain.

Highlight: With musical performances, flamenco shows, wine tastings, and Spanish lessons, you’ll get a fully-immersive look into the music, language, and culinary specialties of this picturesque area.

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4) Best of Africa: South Africa, Zimbabwe & Botswana

They say once you visit Africa, a piece of your heart remains there eternally. We guarantee you’ll fall in love with this beautiful continent on this exciting adventure through three countries. Interact with locals and learn about tribal cultures, enjoy a culinary treat with a home-hosted family meal in Zimbabwe, and keep an eye out for the “Big Five” during a game drive safari inside Kruger National Park.

Highlight: With no more than 26 travelers per Vantage land tours, solo travelers will have opportunities to really immerse themselves in this tour and become intimately acquainted with their fellow travelers.

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5) The Majestic North: Greenland and Iceland

This fantastic adventure across the northern seas gives you a chance to explore the wilds of Greenland and Iceland, some of the most beautiful destinations on earth. Imagine being just 3 miles from the edge of the polar ice cap as you set foot on the pristine land of Isortoq. You’ll interact with the residents of Greenland’s smallest village and experience Inuit traditions in this remote part of the world.

Highlight: Whether you want to go on a walking tour of Qassiarsuk village or join the Expedition Team on a nature hike through the rolling landscape, follow you heart and choose the tour YOU want.

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6) Heart of Brazil & the Amazon

Witness unparalleled wildlife in the Amazon, explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and get a glimpse of life in Brazil. There’s more to this destination than just the jungle. Neoclassical architecture, UNESCO-listed sites, historical riches, and unique cultural celebrations are just the beginning.

Highlight: Join your fellow travelers on a nature cruise out of Santarém and try your hand at piranha fishing at Lake Maica. Along the way you’ll witness the rare natural phenomenon of the Meeting of the Waters, where the Amazon and Tapajós rivers merge.

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7) Majestic Rivers of Europe Wine Cruise: Castles, Cathedrals & Fairytales

Cruise on not one, not two, but three majestic European rivers on this memorable voyage through the most scenic stretches of Germany, Austria, and Hungary. Dive deep into the history of this European region with visits to nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites and cultural experiences that bring you closer to the Old World.

Highlight: Learn the secrets of making a perfect Austrian apple strudel during an onboard cooking demonstration, before heading into Vienna for an exclusive, private visit to Vienna’s Kursalon and a classical concert.

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8) Ancient Wonders: Egypt & Nile River Cruise

Set sail along the legendary waters of the Nile and let yourself be transported back to a time of great pharaohs and gilded grandeur. From the intricately carved tombs and burial sites of the UNESCO-listed Necropolis of Thebes to the ancient wonders of the Giza pyramids and the Great Sphinx, this is a fascinating look into the spectacular history and splendid treasures of Egypt.

Highlight: Join your fellow travelers as you embark a traditional felucca and sail across the Nile past Elephantine Island, home to the ruins of an ancient town that was once a strategic gateway to the Nubian kingdoms south of Aswan.

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9) Charting the Eastern Seaboard: Colonial America and Cultural Capitals from Boston to Nassau

Who says you can’t find new wonders in your own backyard? On this captivating journey, you’ll venture across the historic eastern coast of the U.S. — from Virginia’s earliest colony to the Revolutionary sites of Boston — and into the stunning islands of The Bahamas, where Columbus first set foot in the new world.

Highlight: After all the Solo Connection mixers and engaging daily activities, steal a private moment for yourself with a relaxing massage at the luxurious onboard spa.

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10) South America: Coasts & Cultures

Set out on this unforgettable South American journey as you sail along the scenic coast of Brazil, discover the European-inspired architecture and sultry tango of Buenos Aires, and experience the vibrant culture and iconic sites of UNESCO-listed Rio de Janeiro, along with smaller ports and posh resort towns that larger ships can’t reach.

Highlight: With Vantage Travel’s FREE Single Supplements solo travelers can save up to $9,299 on this unforgettable journey through some of South America’s most beautiful ports.

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