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Lindsay Slattery November 14, 2021

Vantage Travel is proud to offer journeys for any kind of traveler, with itineraries that touch all seven continents and vary greatly in terms of pacing and physical activity, as well as the special interests that they appeal to. And now, with the launch of our 5-star Ocean Explorer, we have more to offer the adventurous traveler than ever before. Our expedition cruises see guests drifting past ice floes in Antarctica, fishing for piranha in the Amazon, sipping Bloody Marys in Iceland, and so much more.

Keep reading to learn more about what you can expect to experience aboard an expedition cruise with Vantage.

  1. An 8-17-Member Expedition Team
    An 8-17-member Expedition Team serves as the backbone of your adventure. These knowledgeable leaders are versed in fields such as natural science, anthropology, geology, polar equipment, and more — each with the goal of bringing some extra know-how and experience to improve your discoveries. They’ll also be the ones to point out wildlife and other phenomena; lead you on hikes, Zodiac excursions with dry and wet landings; and oversee all facets of your outings. On the ship, they’ll enhance your experience by providing enlightening lectures.

  2. The Onboard Experience
    While the landscapes you explore on an expedition may be remote and rugged, your ship will have you excited to return each day to relax in unparalleled comfort. The Ocean Explorer has a maximum capacity of just 134 travelers and just 77 cabins total — plus, a dedicated landmark 15 cabins for solo travelers. With singles, triples, adjoining rooms, and suites, there is a luxury cabin for every kind of traveler to unwind in after a full day of discovery. Plus, when you’re not hiking to Iceland’s bubbling geysers, enjoy the multiple dining options including a hot-rock cooking restaurant, find your bliss at the onboard spa, take a soak in one of two hot tubs, or socialize with your fellow travelers in one of many lounges and common areas.

  3. Discoveries for the Active Traveler
    There’s no shortage of exciting and stimulating activities for our more active guests to take part in during an expedition cruise. With opportunities for more rigorous hikes, stand-up paddleboarding, and unlimited access to the onboard gym, you have the option to stay on the move as much as you’d like. Plus, on our Amazon and Antarctica expeditions, travelers now have the opportunity to add an optional kayaking package to their journey. These unique excursions let you experience jaw-dropping landscapes and encounter wildlife up close, in a responsible way.

  4. Natural Wonders Abound
    Become awestruck by the sizes, shapes, and hues of Antarctica’s mammoth icebergs … hike the otherworldly landscapes of Iceland’s Golden Circle, including UNESCO-listed Thingvellir National Park … spy on the enchanting fauna of the Amazon, including monkeys, sloths, alligators, and pink river dolphins. And with the leadership of our Expedition Team every step of the way, you’ll not only take in unbelievable natural phenomenon, but you’ll also stay informed about the wonders before your eyes.

  5. Go Ashore by Zodiac
    Delve deep into the far-flung edges of the world where no cruise ship could take you; we make it possible with the use of Zodiacs. These smaller inflatable crafts (along with your Expedition Leader) will bring you to the true hidden gems of your destination — whether that means landing near a glowing blue glacier in Antarctica or enjoying unparalleled access to some of the most biodiverse parts of the Amazon.

Plus, with so much included in your price on our expedition cruises, we make planning the most adventurous journeys seamless. Not only are all accommodations, transfers, and most meals included in your price on all journeys — on our Antarctica cruises you’ll be provided with parkas and boots, and enjoy free drinks on board all day!

Ready to set off on an expedition of your own? Peruse some of our traveler-favorites for below . . . then gear up, and we’ll meet you onboard!

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