Myth-Busting: 5 Misleading Tropes about Solo Travel

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Lindsay Slattery June 27, 2021

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: “You’re going ALONE?!?” While the idea of being a solo woman traveler becomes a little more normalized every day, the thought of exploring places thousands of miles from home by yourself (especially places where the language and culture are unfamiliar) is still unfathomable to many. However, that doesn’t mean it should be unfathomable to YOU — whether you’re following the call of domestic beauty to Michigan’s Great Lakes or heading to the far reaches of the Arabian Peninsula. That’s why we wanted to take a beat to ease your mind and debunk some of myths about solo travel. Here are 5 things that should NOT keep you from taking the adventure of your dreams, even if you’re going by yourself.

1. You’ll be lonely!

Not only is the possibility of feeling lonely often touted by travel skeptics, but it’s also a very common apprehension among those considering taking a solo journey for the first time. However, it’s important to remember that “alone” and “lonely” are not the same thing, and that traveling by yourself comes with some weighty advantages. Here’s a scenario: You’re on Vantage’s North American Waterways: St. Lawrence and the Great Lakes cruise when your Cruise Director offers a choice of half-day tours. Whose preferences do you need to consider before deciding? Yours and yours alone.

The Vantage Difference: At Vantage, we like to say, “While you may be going solo, you’re never alone.” Around a third of our travelers are solo, making it easy to connect with potentially lifelong friends.

2. It isn’t safe!

The world can be an unpredictable place and exercising vigilance and awareness of your surroundings is always the smart move. However, the notion that traveling by yourself (especially as a woman) is inherently dangerous is largely unfounded. For 37 years, Vantage has helped travelers safely discover destinations where some may be hesitant to wander, including India, South Africa, and several parts of South America. These beautiful cultures, cuisines, and histories really shouldn’t be missed — and certainly not on account of the perception that these regions are categorically unsafe.

The Vantage Difference: On a Vantage journey, a local expert is there beside you every step of the way — from Cruise Directors and Program Managers to crew members and local guides. Plus, just head to the Concierge desk onboard for complimentary personalized assistance with whatever you need!

3. It’s way more expensive!

Simply put, when you take off with the right company, it isn’t! Not only should accommodations be just as affordable for solos as they are for couples or groups, but when you travel with a company like Vantage, transportation costs, most meals, and so much more is included in your price — which is the same whether you’re traveling solo or not.

The Vantage Difference: We offer FREE and Reduced Single Supplements on all of our journeys, making us the leader in solo travel and ensuring that you’ll never have to compromise on quality.

4. You won’t have any pictures of yourself!

Not a fan of the selfie stick? No problem. Not only are your fellow travelers likely willing to lend a hand and ask you to return the favor, but our tour guides understand that visiting a new destination is a special moment in your life that you’d like to cherish for years to come. So don’t be shy, hand over your camera and say cheese!

The Vantage Difference: Our attentive staff is more than happy to snap a photo of you at whichever iconic destination you visit — whether you’re posing near a rookery of penguins or within the storied ruins of Pompeii. Ask and you shall receive!

5. You have to figure everything out on your own!

Airlines, flight times, flight prices, hotels, transportation, visa . . . on paper, the list of preparations for a big journey can seem beyond daunting. That’s where we come in! Not only does Vantage include the cost of accommodations, most meals, and incredible Cultural Discoveries in your price, but we’ll also help you book the best flight to and from your home city. All you have to do is find someone to water your plants!

The Vantage Difference: Take advantage of our Flight Services and customize your reservation to suit your desires! Click here for more information.

Simply put: Whether or not you have someone to go with, traveling solo can be an incredibly rewarding experience. When you set off on your own, your dream journey is clay in your hands — how will you shape it?

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