Five Tips for Fantastic Travel Photos

Five Tips for Fantastic Travel Photos Blog Post
Lourdes Galindo December 12, 2021

We all know the feeling of returning home from a vacation and reminiscing about the wonderful destinations you explored. Then you pull up the photos from your trip, ready to revel in the memories, and realize your images fail to capture the magic you felt throughout your journey.

Whether you’re a complete novice or the next Ansel Adams, follow these top five tips and transform your travel photographs from ordinary to exceptional.


Whether using a high-end, professional camera or a smartphone, it’s important to know your equipment. Visit the manufacturer’s website, watch instructional videos online, and search photography forums and websites. Even experienced photographers should spend time getting to know their camera and its functions, from which shutter speed is best for nature photography to which filter provides the most natural portrait images.

TAKE THE SHOT: Epic Antarctica expedition cruises are a photographer’s dream. Breathtaking landscapes and rich wildlife make it the perfect place to try your hand at nature photography. Our Expedition Leaders will guide you on unique photo excursions focused on getting those much-desired shots.


Your surroundings can enhance your images. Rather than edging out other people, look beyond the landmark. Tilt your camera, change your focus, and include other people in the background or forefront to provide an unexpected pop to your photo. This simple trick transforms your image from a generic snapshot into an intriguing look at the real “behind-the-scenes” action.

TAKE THE SHOT: Cruises along Egypt’s Nile River provide ample opportunities to capture realistic images of daily life. Whether it’s the colossal twin temples of UNESCO-listed Abu Simbel or exploring the Great Pyramids at Luxor’s Valley of the Kings, be sure to include these moments in your photography.


Most of us use the same technique in our travel photography: straight on, wide angle shots of some distant landmark, resulting in boring, stagnant pictures. To spark visual interest in your photographs, change your perspective and shoot from a different angle. Climb a stairwell and point your camera down or get low and shoot a scene from the ground. This lets you get out of your comfort zone and create artistic images.

TAKE THE SHOT: Incorporate this tip while visiting the Wachau Valley’s incredible landmarks, such as UNESCO-listed Residenz Palace in Würzburg or Heidelberg’s Old Town. Portugal’s Douro Valley, with terraced vineyards and medieval hillside towns, is another great destination to try interesting new photo angles.


Known as the “Golden Hour,” the best natural lighting occurs during sunrise and sunset. Photos taken during these times tend to be washed in a soft, warm light that produces appealing images. The “Blue Hour” — the hour just before sunrise or after sunset — is when the sun is just below the horizon and casts a lovely blue light, giving photos an ethereal quality.

TAKE THE SHOT: Capture the magic of the Golden Hour on a South African land adventure. Daily game drive safaris take place during early morning and late afternoon hours when animals are more active. You’ll also have opportunities to take a photography cruise along the Chobe River, with professional equipment at your fingertips.


While it’s nice to have photos of picturesque scenery and fascinating landmarks, don’t forget to include yourself in your images, whether traveling in a group or going solo. A selfie stick is an inexpensive way to put yourself in the foreground of your photos. Or ask your Tour Director or a fellow traveler to take your picture for a lasting memory of your time exploring.

TAKE THE SHOT: Southeast Asia is supremely photogenic, with ancient temples, vibrant markets, and enchanting people. This colorful and captivating region is not only a favorite for photography buffs, it’s a beautiful backdrop for all your self-portraits.

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