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Olivia Sorokes March 13, 2019

You’re very welcome!

It’s phrase not often heard in the U.S., unless prompted by an intensely grateful thank you! In Ireland, however, at every pub, grocer, and restaurant alike, I heard this lovely sentiment. And that’s exactly how I felt during my time there: welcome.

With a camera in hand, I happily explored Ireland’s food and culture . . . and made a few friends along the way, too.

Bubblin’ in Dublin

Culture, food, and booze. Dublin wraps it all up into one great city package.

Though not a true Irish breakfast (I was missing baked beans, grilled tomatoes, and sausage links!), my first meal on the Emerald Isle did not disappoint. Plus, I needed to fuel up for my walking explorations of Dublin’s historic cobblestoned streets, where ducking into a pub for a pint also means ordering up some friendly conversation with the locals. Aside from drinking a classic Guinness, I also had to seek out a glass of whiskey at the Old Jameson Distillery, which you’ll also visit on Gaelic Adventure: Ireland’s Cultural Capitals & Northwest Counties
Samples of Whisky from the Jameson Distillery
Here, I sampled the makings of the whiskey from start to finish, tasting oats and grains before the malting process, before ending the tour with a “taste-off” between Scotch Whiskey, Jameson Irish Whiskey, and American Whiskey.

Finding my way in Galway

In Galway, stories unraveled about the city’s famous Irish sweaters.
Sweaters in Galway
While popping into a local shop, I learned more about these well-stitched “jumpers,” as they’re called. Woven from native sheep’s wool and sold all over Ireland, these jumpers are just the ticket for the country’s sometimes gloomy weather, and they make a timeless souvenir.

Another walkable city, Galway boasts many streets that aren’t accessible by cars. Strolling along, I was enchanted by the sounds of local musicians and the clanking of pints of Guinness.
Blogger in the streets of Galway

Wishing for Moher time — at the Cliffs of Moher

Puffins, ponytails, and rocks — oh my!

Though the adorable puffins had migrated before my visit to the Cliffs of Moher, I did enjoy the breathtaking views at their homestead. Standing at the Cliffs of Moher felt like stepping into a movie because this is one of the globe’s most cinematic destinations. Some movies that have filmed here include Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and The Princess Bride, just to name a few.
The cliffs of Moher
Along the bridge of one section, I even discovered a collection of elastic ponytail holders! Adding locks to bridges is a widespread phenomenon, but hair elastics? I was delighted by all of the different colors and imagined the collection of wrists, braids, and buns they once held onto. Luckily, I had a bright pink scrunchie to offer. 

Bridge at Moher with hair ties attached 
Ready to find your own luck of the Irish? You can have your own Irish experience on this fabulous Vantage trip:
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Rainbow in Ireland

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