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Images of the Vantage Team in Egypt
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Philip McCluskey February 15, 2019

Recently, several Vantage employees embarked on a journey they won’t soon forget: a Nile River cruise in Egypt. These team members were getting a sneak peek at our upcoming itineraries in this timeless land — four of which are brand-new for 2020, another enhanced — as well as getting a chance to understand what our travelers experience in Egypt. We asked some of them to share their photos and thoughts about the trip with you . . . and they were each excited to do so!

Yuqin Fan, Pricing Analyst

I had the chance to bring my mom along to Egypt. She really loved the trip, and it was a great chance for us to bond in an unforgettable place. In addition to the camel ride experience, we very much enjoyed the local food that we had along the way. And, of course, the Pyramids and the Sphinx — it’s amazing to stand in front of a UNESCO World Heritage Site built so long ago!

Image of Larisa in front of the SphinxLarisa Badger, Proofreader

This was definitely a bucket-list destination — the fulfillment of a childhood dream! Egypt is a veritable feast for the senses: Seeing thousands of years of history right before your eyes; listening to the adhan (Muslim call to prayer); tasting fresh pita bread dipped in tahini and washed down with guava juice; the feeling of sitting atop a camel . . . If you travel to Egypt with Vantage, prepare to be amazed!

Image of Sabrina with the backdrop of the Nile RiverSabrina Watt, Interactive Producer

As a first-time international traveler, I went in not knowing what to expect . . . and was completely blown away! Egypt was incredible, but I was surprised how much I enjoyed the travel experience itself. In particular I enjoyed the opportunities to simply relax and enjoy the gorgeous weather on board the ship. Taking a nap in a shaded lounge chair . . . dipping my tired feet in the cold pool water . . . enjoying lunch on the sun deck while drinking in the awe-inspiring scenery . . . these moments were as memorable to me as the excursions themselves.

Image of kneeling camels in EgyptMicaela Goode, Product Marketing

Nothing quite prepares you to see the ancient wonders of the world. When we arrived at the Pyramids, we not only saw mankind’s greatest achievements, but were able to physically climb onto these mammoth creations! While I’ve traveled to many destinations, I can say without hesitation that Egypt is perhaps one of the most extraordinary locales I’ve visited. 

Micah Prescott, Groups Account Manager

There’s no way words would be able to describe the sheer beauty, culture, passion, and adventure one will find when traveling with Vantage in Egypt. I’ve gained knowledge that will stay with me for the rest of my life and, better yet, an incredible experience — which is even better than pure knowledge.

Image of Dennis holding Tom Brady's Jersey with the pyramids in the backgroundDennis Griffiths, Yield Management

Egypt wasn’t originally on my list of places to travel, but I’m so glad I went on this trip and would recommend it to most everyone. Every place we stopped had so much history to see and touch. I was blown away by the hotels — the features were so impressive, and the food was excellent, too. My favorite part of the trip was learning about the history of Egypt from our beyond-amazing Adventure Leader, Hazim!

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